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Pool Add-Ons: Spas

Add the next level of relaxation to your fiberglass pool with a square or round spa!


The Spa Comes in 2 Shapes:

RS08 spa diagram SS08 spa diagram

Spa Add-on Features

1. Cascading entry steps with textured surface
The stylish steps provide both easy entry and slip resistance.

2. Non-skid surface on floor
The floor of the spa is textured for slip resistance.

3. Custom spillway options
The spillway is customizable, so you can create the perfect match for your pool.

4. Great for raised deck applications
A spa can be built in so that it's flush with the patio, but it also makes a great multi-level look when elevated..


spas diagram with callout features labeled

Fiberglass Spa Videos

Fiberglass spa videos coming soon!

What River Pools Customers Are Saying

"I would highly recommend River Pools. You will be working with honest people who know what they're doing."

Sharon Kowitz Semora, N.C

"I am completely blown away by the level of professionalism from the whole company. I cannot think of a better experience I've had. They really have their stuff together."

Keith Reals Manchester, MD

"The pool is one of the best things we have done. I have recommended River pools to all I know. When I contacted River last winter I never imagined I would have the pool in so fast and would be able to enjoy the entire summer."

Terry Scripture Fairfield, PA

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